Next Sunday June 12th we start a new series on Sin!

I am so excited about the Word God has given me for our body in the next 3 to 4 weeks. We will be talking about sin, its origin and progression and the dangers it poses to the christian’s life and legacy. One of my favorite quotes about sin is that “we can choose our sin but we can’t choose the consequences of our sin”. We will be talking about the nature and origin of sin in the first week. The second and third week we will be discussing the lusts of this life, from pornography to materialism, we will lay out a plan for victory over specific sins and how to gain victory over them. The fourth week we will be explaining how Christ has given us victory over sin and what it means to be holy verses unholy. I pray that God would lead you to attend each week and grow you in the grace and knowledge of His Word. We love you very much!
Shoulder to Shoulder,
Pastor Michael

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