Sermon notes for this Sunday and info on events to come!

I am so sorry I am uploading these so late in the week. I am hoping nobody has asked about it because all of you took your notes home. For anyone who wasn’t at church this last Sunday these are the notes that you need to go over so we can make it through this Sunday’s sermon. The more familiar you are with these Scriptures the more fun we will have going through all of them and exploring what God has to say to us concerning His title in John 8:12 and 9:5, The Light of the World! If you have a friend who does not know Jesus this is the Sunday to invite them for sure! Also, we will be talking about our plans for Halloween and the extremely exciting things God is doing for our church so that we can make an immediate impact on our community on that day! We also have our 2nd evangelism class this Sunday at 5 p.m. so don’t miss it! It is going to be awesome! To download the sermon notes just click on the link below.


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