About Us


Helping people discover who Jesus is and journeying together to be more like Him. We want the Lost Saved, the Saved Delivered, the Delivered Redeemed, and the Redeemed Discipled.





The Life Journey Church began in 2005.  Over the years, TLJC has met in places like Benton Middle School, Regal 9 in Bossier, Tinseltown in Shreveport, and LSUS.  Since 2009, we met at Hot Wheels Skating Palace on Old Minden in Bossier City.  As of May 8, 2016 we now meet in St. Vincent Mall by Sears.

While our meeting location has recently changed to St. Vincent Mall, our purpose has not.  If anything we now have the greatest opportunity to connect people to Jesus that Life Journey has ever experienced.  From its very beginning, The Life Journey Church has always been focused on reaching people who are disconnected from God and/or the church.  It is our desire to help people to connect or reconnect with the church.  It is also our desire to help each person to grow in their faith in God.

While many exciting things have happened in our church’s recent history, we believe that the best really is yet to come.  Every Sunday lately people are leaving church talking about revival.  Come and see why for yourself, we will even give you coffee and a donut to make you feel at home!